Customized Paperback Novels

The novels available for customization are shown below with a brief description and a link to their host site. Each novel exists as an original publication that can be altered by the author for an individual reader. Alterations include: changing the title to include the reader's name, adding reader's photo to the cover, updating the story's details with the reader's name and preferences. Please check back periodically for new novels and genres to be added in the future.

If you are an author contemplating making one of your novels available for customization, please feel free to contact me. I would love to post your link on this site. Just remember to include 'customizing my novel' somewhere in the subject line or it may be lost to the spam folder.

Young Adult

YA adventure. (The girl version of Rogue's Bluff). Girl discovers body, is drawn into an adventure, unsolved mystery and treasure hunt.
Cape Ingenue.  Customize story, title, and cover here.

YA adventure. (The boy version of Cape Ingenue). Boy learns of friends death, tries to rid family of unsavory relatives, is drawn into an unsolved mystery and dangersous adventure. Customize story, title, and cover here.(Updating links November 2011).

Chill Harbour. (The girl version.) Girl is chased by monster, discovers town is full of monsters. Customize story, cover, add subtitle here.

Chill Harbour. (The boy version.) Boy has job of ridding town of monsters. Boy saves girl from monster. Customize story, cover, add subtitle here.

Ghost Town - You and a friend live in a small town where strange things have started to happen. Ghost, zombie, pirate adventure - 9-12 year olds.

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