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Here's a little more about the custom novels...

Cape Ingenue/Rogue's Bluff
(Cape your Name)/(Your Name's Bluff)
A Teen read

This story is an adventure, suitable for ages twelve and up. The  adventure  includes an unsolved mystery (maybe), a treasure hunt and a 'friendly' romance. There are two main characters, a sixteen year old girl and a sixteen year old boy. Depending on whether or not the reader is a boy or girl, the story is different. Cape Ingenue is the girl version of the story, customized for the girl main character. Rogue's Bluff is the boy version of the story. The two stories are roughly 50% the same, but in each story there are plot differences.


Cape Ingénue is the story of a small town girl thrown into surprisingly dangerous circumstances after discovering the body of a classmate at a local swimming hole. Could the death be more than an accident? With suspicions brewing, the girl forms an unlikely partnership with a well known local delinquent - only to discover things aren't exactly as they seem in the quiet little community. As a customized novel it becomes Cape Your Name.
If you want to read the ebook version of the original story click HERE.(30% can be read online for free)

Rogue's Bluff: Could things get any worse for sixteen year old Boy Name? When his best friend turns up dead at the local swimming hole, Boy is thrown headlong into the mystery. Was it really just a horrible accident or something much worse? As a customized novel it becomes Your Name Bluff. This is the alternative version of Cape Ingénue for boys. It contains several new sections but the story is much the same. Cape Ingénue is the girl version.
If you want to read the ebook version of the original story click HERE. 
(30% can be read online for free)

Chill Harbour
(Chill Harbour Your Name)

This story is more of a monster, mixed sci-fi paranormal adventure. There are two main characters that share the story, a seventeen year old boy and a sixteen year old girl. It's roughly a fifty-fifty share of the story; although there is slightly more of the girl main character's action.

Chill Harbour (Your Name) is probably more suitable for thirteen/fouteen year olds and up, because there is some questionable content. To be specific, the story has a vampire in it. That should be self-explanatory, but I'll elaborate just in case. In some vampire stories (like this one), the vampire is creepy and disturbing. He's not a romatic, misunderstood anti hero; he's definitely more on the gross side. In some scenes the monster tends to be suggestive, and can be found naked in a revolting corpse-like skin-peeling kind of way. But for the most part the effect is embarrassing, not lewd.  The novel is not a serious romance or a serious adventure story. It's a little too silly for that.


For busy, over-scheduled sixteen year old Girl Name, moving to sleepy little Chill Harbour is a move she could do without. It's one weird little town. All it takes is a quick after school dash through the woods for her to find out just how weird it really is. Soon Girl has to fight for her life, battle monsters and discover who her friends really are.

And with  monsters popping up out of nowhere, Girl soon discovers she just might be in over her head. That is until she meets Boy. As a hard working farm boy and running back for the high school football team, Boy doesn’t have a lot of spare time. But when Girl finds herself entangled in a desperate situation with an otherworldly creature, Boy may be the only one that can help.
If you want to read the ebook version of the original story, click HERE.  
(30% can be read online for free)

Ghost Town

This is the story of two new friends living in a once propserous but now fading small town. Like many fourteen year olds trapped in a dying community, Boy and Girl turn to exploring when hobbies and after school activities run out. But no sooner do the two get started, then they discover just how much of a ghost town it really is. The story has ghosts, dead pirates and a little zombie butt kicking. Suitable for the nine to twelve year old age group. No romance, just friendship. (The original ebook, paperback will be available some time in December 2011, but it is currently available for publication. If you want to read an excerpt - Chapter 1 - click HERE).
If you want to read the ebook version of the original story, click HERE. (30% can be read online for free)

One more important note - I make the original novels free sometimes. So be on the lookout for coupons that make the ebooks 100% off. I post them on this site.

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