Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The first couple of novels.

Here's the link to the first of the two teen novels available for customizing Chill Harbour. You can read the first 30% online for free. As a 600+ page novel (200,000 plus words) it's still pretty cheap at $1.99 for for an eBook. The paperback is available on Amazon and Create Space - but it's pricey ($21 -ouch). I guess size really does matter sometimes.

Anyway - check it out if you like the teen horror/adventure/angsty romance genre. It was my first completed novel and I will admit that the writing's not the best (really it gets pretty bad in some places). That said, my kids loved it anyway. They like that kind of thing and it helped that the monsters were kind of gross and twisted, but at the same time a bit silly. It works well as a customized novel. There's a guy's version of it as well - but it's still in editing. I'll post it for eveyone when it's available.

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