Sunday, October 2, 2011

News - We tried the 24 Hour Comics Day - share your Comics Day adventure

This year we tried our first 24 Hour Comics Day. Wow. Two of us even made it through successfully. The rest of us... well, not so much. There's always next year. The winners may even publish their work as an ebook. Can't wait to see it! (I've already offered to help if they want to use Smashwords - because I think Smashwords is awesome, personally).

Anyway, we're sharing a link to the site we made for posting pics (it's also the site I may end up moving my current site to - haven't decided. For now it's just the 24 Hour Comics Day stuff). It's

If you tried the 24 Hour Comics Day - let me know how it went. Post your comments here. Love to hear about it.

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