Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free E-book... So... Reviews Anyone?

Here it is. Use coupon FY72Q and it's free.

Why is it free? Honestly, it may still need work. I didn't get any outside eyes - and it just took too long. I'm guessing I'll have to update/ new edition it as soon as I can. Or shelf it as a publication. So I'm putting it out for free to get some readers and reviewers. Impatience is a terrible flaw, but, well, I think I have company. If I had any money I would have sent it to an editor.

Hope you enjoy it anyway. It's roughly half new stuff and reworked old stuff to form a boy's version of Cape Ingenue. It was just written to be one of the customized novels so I really hope to hear back from a couple of people out there. What do you think? Is the main character Colt too rough for the customized novel crowd? Please leave comments or a review on the smashwords page. Thanks!

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