Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Indie Authors - Getting Started (Or Before You Get Started -Maybe)

Whether you've just written your book, already self published or you're still at the work-in-progress stage, below are some of the best resources on the web that will help you get started. If you haven't started yet because you're still working on your book - all the better. One thing you'll need as an indie - more than anything else I think - is a vast network of virtual friends and colleagues. You really should have them before you start but as long as you get them and keep building them you'll be okay.

Groups of supportive authors, bloggers, reviewers, readers, fans, indepedent publishers, editors, designers - etc. - are some of the best places to start. Not only are they a wealth of information, they can help you get discovered. But remember, it's Karma.Support others and they'll support you back along the way.

Here it is. The first post of resources for budding indie authors - where to start.

Indie Book Collective - Incredible resource.
Loads of free information on everything, webinars, a radio show, a regular E-zine filled with information. There are also pay for courses available that are very affordable.  They also have lists of authors, reviewers, bloggers, beta readers, and supporting businesses (editing, cover design etc.).

And if you're really just getting started -
Authors from the IBC made an ebook packed full of info from their experiences on the road to indie success. Yes it costs money - but seriously - it’s $0.99. It's called Dollars and Sense The Definitive Guide to Self Publishing.

WoMen’s Literary Cafe - Great source of information, forums, cross promotion, and tips. Really supportive author /reader community. Pay for marketing available (it's cheap).  They too have lists of authors, reviewers, bloggers, beta readers, and supporting businesses (editing, cover design etc.) and unique free marketing/publicity tips that help authors get noticed. 

These are two other communities/groups that offer a huge amount of support - I would give more details, but I've only looked into them a little:

Do you have any resource groups you think I should add? Leave a comment and I'll add it to the list. 

Next Post - Indie Newbies Part 1. This post will list resources for the formatting of your self published book. I've started here because I think newbies might increase their chances of a favorable review or critique from a beta reader if they format before ending it out for feedback. If the author provides a professional looking product, something that already looks polished and finished it might make a difference. Care about your reader and they'll care about you back. Sometimes every little bit helps.

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